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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scotland 2009: Final Farewell

Well guys, this is it. In a matter of hours I will be arriving at the airport, getting ready to travel halfway around the world. Check this out:

180 miles my car. 4883 miles by plane. 10 miles by bus. 104 miles by train.

250 miles by foot. Talk about some travel.

It certainly has been an experience so far. I'd me more than satisfied having it just be over now, but I find that would be a waste (and I'm too excited!). We all know something like this isn't easy to pull off, logistical or physically. Shortened semesters, too many work hours, late nights planning routes, gear tests (the rain suit test in the shower was probably the most fun), worry, panic, calm down, panic five minutes later. Its been a long time coming, but now the trip is here. It is finally time to say my goodbye.

And with that I wish to thank everyone whose helped me with the project. I thank everyone whose let me complain about my problems to them. Without you guys, I'd be even more of a nervous wreck.

I do plan on updating this blog during the trip. I may also do some twitter along the way. Should you need me, I hope it can wait till June!


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