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Monday, February 27, 2012

Let the Blogs Roll

Hey all!

I know, its been quite some time since I lasted posted a blog. I now come at you with renewed vigor. You've got questions? I've got answers. But you do need to ask them first...

If you're new to this list, this is how blogs from me will look. You'll get an email from me mere moments after I hit the 'send' button over here in Africa. Gotta love technology. My blog is also archived at

From there, you'll be able to see ALL of my previous posts as well as some 'bonus content' (now doesn't that sound fancy). I update my blog through the same email you get. Don't worry, its all blind carbon-copied, which also explains why the email you just received has a 'To:' field as my address and not yours. This keep everything on the dl. It also explains that funky subject line you'll see every time. Just a little HTML so you know what the email is but the blog title isn't redundant.

Also, I run a second blog with the Alworth Institute for International Studies from the University of Minnesota Duluth. That blog can be found under the 'web-blog' tab of the alworth's website ( That blog is different than this one, but there may be some overlap.

If you DO NOT wish to receive these emails, just shoot me an email back (a simply 'reply' will do the trick) telling me so and, poof, it'll be done. No hard feelings.

Look for the next blog in about 10 minutes.

-Don't Forget To Be Awesome


I am also required to inform you, yet again, that anything contained in this email and blog (past, present and future up to December of 2012) is solely my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect that of the United States Government, the Government of the Republic of Rwanda, or the United States Peace Corps.

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