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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alive, Installed, and Well

Well, I made it to my site safe and sound. This one will be short
because I just happened to find an internet cafe a few towns over.

We had News Years, then Swear-In in Kigali that went pretty well. I am
now officially a Peace Corps Volunteer. The Peace Corps installed me
at my school last Tuesday, and I am doing well. The school year
technically started Monday, but I have yet to actaully teach a class.
New photos from the past few weeks are up on Picasa, check 'em out.
For now, I have to catch the jeep back to my school with one fo the
priests so that I can eat dinner with my fellow teachers.

Also, I now have a cell phone and the time to use it. The number is
(+25)0784103401. Feel free to call me if you can find a cheap way to
do it, but remember that I am 8 hours ahead of central time... let's
avoid the 3 am wake-ups, shall we?

Talk to you all in a few more weeks, that is, unless you call me

-Don't Forget To Be Awesome

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